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Three Tier Barns


We build 3 tier barns that are excellent for agricultural use and many other needs. The are very versatile and utilitarian.

Seneca Style Barns


These barns feature a continuous slope on its roof. Like our other Ag Style buildings they have three sections. You can leave these open or wall them off for separation.

Horizontal or Vertical


Our barns come with either Horizontal roofing and siding or Vertical roofing and siding. Horizontal panels run the length of the building. Vertical panels run up and down the pitch. If you live in an area with snow of excessive rain Vertical is recommended.

Livestock Barns


We build barns especially designed for housing livestock. They can have a variety of different size openings to allow animals to have access to the interior of the building. Lots of folks use the side areas for pens.

3 Sided Carports


We build 3 sided carports which lots of folks use for sheltering animals such as sheep, goats, calves, ponies, horses etc. They are very versatile and have many uses. Being built from 100% galvanized steel means they will last for decades. Free installation and delivery is included in the cost. So these steel structures with many uses are a great bargain. CALL JOHN AT (602)300-4743 FOR A FREE NO PRESSURE QUOTE!

3 Tier 3 Door Ag Barns


This is one of our most popular barns. They come with 3 roll up doors and optional walk in doors as well. You can customize them in many different ways. The basic bottom line is they are multi functional and a great bargain when compared to building from wood. Not only that they're maintenance free. No painting, no warping, no rusting or any other of the maladies you'll get with a wood structure. By far the best deal out there!

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