California Pricing


Pricing Examples

Pricing examples in this section are given as a brief by by no means complete overlook of the costs of our buildings in California. If you have questions it's best to call our office at (602)300-4743 or (530)966-0454 PLEASE ASK FOR JOHN!

Customizing your building

All our buildings can be customized to fit your needs.  Be aware that any custom work done out of the ordinary stock sizes require a  larger deposit. We do all buildings in 1 ft. increments. Buildings cannot be wider on one end than the other as steel does not bend. We don't custom cut legs on a job site without extra charges occurring. Your site being level is the buyers responsibilty.

Differing geographical areas

California has many different geographical areas. Some areas have requirements that  you and us must make sure we meet or exceed. Example: Snowload and Wind Rating. We can provide generic engineered stamped plans. Most time they are free however there may also be costs associated with them ask your sales rep for more info.


For the most part our installations are free. As long as the building doesn't exceeed 30' in width or 12 ' in sidewall height. Once the get past those points there are labor and equipment charges. What exactly they are is determined by a number of different factors. Ask your sales rep for more information on this.

Install times

We pride ourselves in having some of the shortest install times in California. If you live in the interior Valleys your leadtimes are usually short. If you live in some of the more isolated areas it will probably take a bit longer. The determining factors are number of jobs in any given area. Amount of income derived from those sales and availability of crews.


 We have Carports starting at only $995

12' X 21' X 6' for only $995

18' x 21' X 6' for only $1095

20' X 21' X 6' for only $1350

22' X 21' X 6' for only $1595

24' X 21' X 6' for only $1895

All these units are 14 gauge framed with regular rounded style roofs.

12 gauge steel frames and A Frame Roofs are also available.

Larger Carports are also avail;able.

18' X 26' X 6' for only $1450

20' X 26' X 6' for only $1695

22' X 26' X 6' for only $2045

24' X 26' X 6' for only $2350

Garages are also availabe for storing your cars, toys etc. in.

12' X 21' X 8' is only $3305

18' X 21' X 8' as low as $3605

20' X 21' X 8' for only $4140

The above garages come with (1) 9' X 7' Roll Up Door.

22' X 21' X 8' is only $5105

24' X 21' X 8' low as $5505

All above garages come with(2)  

9' X 7' Roll Up Doors.

Larger garages are also available.

24' X 31' X 10' for only $7380

24' X 41' X 10' as low as $9015

These garages come with (2) 10' X 8' Roll Up Doors

30' X 40' X 12' for only $12945

30' X 51' X 12' as low as $14835

These garages come with (2) 10' X 10' Roll Up Doors.

We have mini storage sheds as well.

10' X 12' As low as $3145

10' X 16' as little as $3455

12' X 12' for as low as $3720

12' X 16' for only $4075

All these sheds come with a 14 gauge steel frame and a regular style rounded roof. They also come equipped with a 6' X 6' Roll Up Door. Upgardes are available. 12 gauge, A Frame Roofs. Walk In Doors and Windows. Ask your sale rep for more info! CALL JOHN TODAY AT (602)300-4743 OR (530)-966-045

Spring Time is prime time for ordering!

Why would you ask is springtime  the best time to order a steel building. Spring is traditionally the very best time  to install because of the shortness of the lead times. If you order now chances are you'll get fast tracked to get your install date as soon as the weather becomes amicable. Waiting means longer lead times when season picks back up. It also insures you don't get hit by any price increases because you're already locked in.