Carports, Barn, Sheds, Garages loafing sheds


We build the best steel carports period!

Our carport sizes start at 12' X 21' X 5'  Sizes can be increased in 1 ft. increments. Prices depend on sizing and the way they're equipped.


We can make your building in custom sizes, heights, length, width etc. We cannot make buildings so they don't follow engineering codes. Everything we do is engineer certified. In certain areas we also do non certified.

Full Galvanization

All our buildings are galvanized for rust and corrosion prevention. This is very important especially in areas where snow is treated with salt. Also areas near the coast because of salt air.

Our crews are licensed, bonded and insured.

In order to protect our customers as well as ourselves all our installers are licensed and insured. They are also factory trained for competency and skill..

Plans are available

We can provide building plans for your buildings. It makes the process much easier to obtain proper permitting. In a few States they are mandatory. In most others its up to the customers discretion. Terrapin Steel is not responsible for obtaining permits that is the buyers responsibility.  

Free quote or estimations.

You can call us for a free quote or estimate between 8am to 5pm Mon. - Fri. We will be glad to help you make an educated decision about what your storage needs are. We do not come out to anyone's property to do quotes only installations! CALL US AT (602)300-4743 OR (530)966-0454 Better sooner than later!

Loafing Sheds and Tack Rooms


Loafing Sheds are us!

We build Loafing Sheds and Tack Rooms in several of the States we service. Strong, reliable and maintenance free. Made from 100% galvanized steel. American made!

Loafing Sheds and Tack Rooms

We build really high quality shelter for your horses, cows, swine, chickens etc. Made from real American made steel. Front Brows and Kick-walls optional.

Customer testimonials

We purchased a loafing shed from Terrapin Steel Buildings.. It has been the best thing we have ever done for our small farm. No longer do our horses have to stand out in the snow and the rain during winter months. They can also hide out of the sun in the summer. Great Shed, Great service. Thank you so much!

                                 Pat S.

                             Pueblo, Co.

We called John at Terrapin not having a clue as to what we really needed. After a few questions he determined we needed a loafing shed and a mini storage to shelter our horses and tack. The investment was small compared to the value we gained. John was not pushy like some of the other companies we called. In fact he told us to take our time and think it over. When does that ever happen anymore? Definitely recommend this company. Awesome is an understatement.

                                   W. Smith

                                   Waco, Tx.

In early 2017 we purchased a small farm in Southern Idaho. Having been city dwellers most of our lives we knew little about this type of rural life but knew we needed a change. Our dreams of having an organic garden, farm animals, starry nights and room to stretch out we're coming to fruition. We had not a clue as to what to do about shelter for our equipment, animals, cars etc. One day we ran across an ad on craigslist for carports and steel buildings. Wary having heard about stories of others being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sales people. We made a call to the number provided. A really nice sounding guy named John answered the phone. We told him about our needs for these shelters and he made suggestions. Mind you he was never pushy or demanding in any way. In fact he told me to call him back if there we're anything we needed to know about steel buildings.

    After several conversations over the next few weeks we we're convinced this was the man we wanted to do business with. Honesty and sincerity go a long way in our world. It's hard to find people with these qualities these days. In one of our last conversations before purchasing we intimated we thought we were ready to order but had a few small remaining doubts. John said please take your time to make the right decision. Next time we called a couple of days later our minds were made up. No one has ever been this kind and this patient when doing sales! We bought a Garage, Carport and Storage Shed. They were installed about 6 weeks later and were without a doubt one of the best purchases we've ever made. 

                                                                     Thank you John and staff,

                                          Joe Longmeire

                                          Caldwell, Idaho

Call us today we're here to help!

We are really in the business of helping people solve their storage needs. We promise not to be pushy, abrasive or unpleasant. We get off on being nice folks! (602)300-4743

Please send us pictures!

We really love it when our customers send us pictures of buildings we build for them. We will repost them for all to see. However we will never violate your privacy by telling others where they are at. Neither will we ever give any personal or financial info about you.