Mini Storage Building Information

Mini Storage Styles


Our Mini Storages come in 3 different styles. Regular Rounded Roof, Boxed Eave or Horizontal Roof Style and Vertical Roof Style. There is also the option to do it all Vertical. Each one of these has its distinct advantages. The rounded style is very non flashy and cost effective. The A Frame Horizontal gives you the house look without the expense of the vertical roof. The Vertical roof has the strongest roof and allows for the best drainage of all the models.

How are they equipped?


The Regular Rounded Style Mini Storage comes with 6' walls, The Horizontal and Vertical Mini Storage safe and strong both have 7' walls. 8' wide units come only with a Walk In Door. 10' or larger all have 6' X 6' Roll Up Doors as standard equipment. Walk In Doors and Windows can be added to any unit at additional cost. All units come with a 3/4" plywood platform floor. They sit on steel runners that are 2 1/2" thick. So the wood never comes in contact with the ground.

Built To Last!


All our Mini Storage Units are made from American made galvanized steel. This prevents rust and corrosion. Our factory trained crews install these with skill and precision. These are designed to last 30 to 40 years. These are the longest lasting, best built and strongest sheds on the market today. With the many color options they can be made to fit right in with your current decor.



As these are designed to sit on almost any surface a cement pad is not necessary. These are very easy to level. They are really stable once placed. These are built on site. We have mobile home anchors to attach them to the ground as to not become your neighbors shed.

Utility Carports


Utility Carports combine the best of both worlds. With a Carport to shelter your vehicle or belongings. Then a secure store shed on the back end these couldn't be any more useful. Go to the home improvement store unload your items right into the shed out of the weather. You can also put side on the carport portion for even more shelter. Ask your sales rep for details.

Delivery and Installations.


Delivery and install of Mini Storage's and Utility Carports are free. Our crews are licensed and insured. They are also factory trained to insure proper building quality. Call us today to order your building asap!

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